Testimonials from NorthernMusician.com and MandocelloChords.com for Chord Genius Books


"When I saw your explanation as to how tounderstand chords it was like being hit with a bolt of lightning.....this should have been done ages ago."
Ken O'Neill

"Takes you from beginners chords to advanced chords. Easy to follow, progressive structure. When Bruce says you'll never need another book on chord structure again he means it. Piles of Information. I highly recommend it."
Steve Bernstein, Publisher - Relix Magazine

Keith Miles

An old dog gets that way by learning a few new tricks along the way. I've played guitar for 35 years now, and your books were packed with nuggets of wisdom that corrected old notions I had about chord structure and pointed me in many new and exciting directions. Written clearly and concisely, your books are the best musical investment I've made in a long time. Thanks so much!

Singer/Songwriter Keith Miles, Nashville, Tennessee


"Item better than described."
K Martin, California

"Great book, beats Mel Bay publications hands down. Will order mandolin book later... I have used various guitar chord books, and lately banjo books. While they all show correct positioning for chords they do not show a logical, easy progression from one chord to another, and how to build chords. Chord Genius Books solve that in spades. Thanks Bruce."
Dennis Gabriel, Colorado

"Super tutorial, beautifully packaged and received quickly. Thanks Bruce."
Jack Maddox, New Zealand

"You are the Guitar Chord Genius".
Sharon Williams, Washington

"I bought a copy of your book a few weeks back, and it's been really helpful. I purchased the "tenor banjo" version, but as it turns out I have a plectrum banjo (22 frets insted of 19), so I've tuned it to CGBD instead of CGDA. I did this after seeing the Buddy Wachter banjo DVD and finding out that theplectrum tuning allows you to play easier when you are close to the nut, without stretching the fingers so much. Anyway, after reading your book I got a list of tunes my friends want me to play and it didn't take me long to figure out that a list of movable chord shapes would speed up the process of finding the right chords to follow the melody. So I made my own reference, with all the common three and four note (seventh) chords, including diagrams of where each scale note is on the fretboard. I did this for all twelve scale notes. ...it's a great book, and I appreciate the work that's gone into it. Cheers!"
Nigel Bennett. New Zealand.

"Great book, well written and thorough!"
John Musarra, New Jersey

"Brilliant. Thanks."
Joseph Land, Illinois

"Great book, GREAT deal!!! Thanks"
Donald Johnston, New York

"Thanks so much for the marvelous mandolin/bouzouki chord genius books. I have played guitar poorly - or rather in a very rudimentary way since I left High School garage bands and the bass I played in them many moons ago and have recently picked up a mandolin to try out on the Irish/Roots band I sing harmony with. I have had a cryptic understanding of thirds and fifths, but music theory was always a vague concept. Your book has cleared my fuzzy mind by elucidating music theory in a clear and practical manner. Now if I can only make performance match the concept.
"Three of my five kids are guitar players at various levels. I am anxious to get them your chord genius books for guitar as Christmas presents to help them with music and chord theory. With the theory down we can all work on improving our playing. Thanks again"
James O'Donnell, Connecticut

"Seller very helpful. Item was sent in timely manner. Just what I was looking for."
Charles Brickner, Virginia

"Genius it is!!! Thanks for the great information, and quick shipping!!!"
Glenn Anderson, Washington.

"Excellent product ! Great Response ! I'll be a repeat customer. Thanks."
Lou Kaplan, Massachusetts.

"Exactly as promised. A great book."
Doug Smith, British Columbia.