Our First Snowfall of the year - 18 hours in

There may be snow on the roof baby!!!

                                                                                             Those branches normally make one
thick, tight tree.

Those branches never hang down like that. It's a birch,
not a willow. Power was out for 18 hours.

30 hours in

                                                                                                Wolves at the door. (Okay, so it was Ginger 
                                                                                                with her new toy. I think there's about 400 
                                                                                                pounds of new toys out there).

             Blue Skies and Power. What a deal.

                                                                                                        Didn't that Birch used to be taller? 
                                                                                                        If the trees had only dropped their leaves
                                                                                                        they would have been fine. No such luck.

                          It moved!!! It moved!!!

                                                                                                              Okay. So maybe there's an up side.


                             Okay, and another.

                                                                                                      My backs aching already! That's 3 feet of
                                                                                                          wet snow and it's got to come off!!!

          Tom Dean (my son) of Dreamline Art. Soon to
          be a part of this website. (He stayed outside
          overnight. We finally got tired of the screaming
          and dug him out).

                                                                                                         Home sweet snow insulated home!!!
                                                                                                                 Wood heat. Yeah baby!!!

          As you can see the snow is to the middle of the 
          pickups doors. Even more impressive with the
          4 inch lift kit.

                                                                                                         Baby, I don't remember leaving that there!


                                                                                                           I know I left that ball out here somewhere!

             (The Manager). "No excuses, Bruce"!

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