Mysteries of Chord Substitution Revealed - Book CD set

Chord Substitution doesn't need to be a mystery. It's easy once you get the hang of it. Chord substitution will allow players to breath new life into your own progressions or alter older tunes to make them new and fresh. You'll even learn how to restore the music that you bought that doesn't sound right to its original tonality.

Take your playing to the next level.

  • Players will learn to bring old tunes back to life.
  • Restore "hacked" music back to the original. Ever wondered why
    the songs in books don't sound the same as on the CD?
  • Learn to improve and enhance your progressions.
  • Make your music stand head and shoulders above the music of others.
  • Not a cheesy poster that assumes you understand music theory.
  • Not a book that simply gives you somebody else's arrangement to play.

Chord substitution explanations tend to come in two ways:

1. Two pages in a chord book, or
2. a book that you need a degree in music theory to understand.

Well, not any more!

For those of you who bought a Chord Genius book, this is the one you've been asking for.

I pride myself in writing books that people can actually use. Like my Chord Genius books, these books have been written so that the average player can get a grasp on what they need to know to make understand Chord Substitutions. Most other books are written with the assumption that readers will have a complete understanding of music theory before they get to chord substitutions. Not here. As with the Chord Genius books, assumptions about your abilities are not made and new ideas are presented clearly and fully without technical language. If technical language is required then the definitions are made clear before proceeding (and it doesn't happen very often).

Chord substitution is an easy way to make the music you play more memorable and more interesting. Whether your into folk, country or pop, you�ll find that chord substitution can breath new life into your music. If you�re a jazz player, you�ll find that your comping (accompaniments) will become more interesting and your music more flexible.

Songwriters. You�ll find that the music you�ve written that was flat and lifeless suddenly jumps out at you. You�ll also find that by taking an old standard and working the substitutions, you will end up with new, fresh song ideas with the chords often suggesting entirely different melodies.

The book contains lead sheets with the chords showing "Before and After" the substitution so you can see exactly what happened. The CD has "Before and After" tracks produced from the lead sheets provided and will play on your computer, or on any CD player. This book will work equally well for guitarists and fifths tuned instrument players as well as keyboard players who are comfortable working with lead sheets (a sheet with just the melody line or lyrics plus chord abbreviations). You will easily be able to understand the substitutions and be able to start using the information right away.

I recommended that you have a reasonable understanding of chord structure before you begin. If you feel you're lacking in that area, you can buy one of my Chord Genius books at the same time.

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Mysteries of Chord Substitution: Revealed

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